top three tools for birth

My favorite tools for birth

My favorite tools for birth!

You really don't need to bring much with you to the hospital, but here are some of my favorite "tools" and products to have for home and hospital birth. Most hospitals and birth centers will have yoga and peanut balls for you to use, but it doesn't hurt to have one at home for early labor before you head to your birthing location. *note that these links are affiliate links, if you purchase from these links I receive a small percentage of the sale from Amazon to use towards equipment, books and doula supplies at no extra cost to you! 

 Let's get started! 

This fan is AWESOME and you will get a ton of use out of it, it is perfect for clipping to the bedframe at the hospital and can be used after birth for the baby's stroller!


 This set of massage balls is extraordinary for your partner or doula to use for counter pressure, pressure points and massage during labor. Some can even be used by yourself by placing it between your back and the wall and 'rolling' the ball or double ball up and down your back to relive pain. 

This comb is perfect for countering pain during contractions! I know what you're thinking, "A comb!? Really!?" Yes! A comb can be held in the palm of your hand with the bristles against the padding of your palm and when squeezed it will trigger the pressure points in your hand that will help distract your brain from the pain signals being sent from your contractions. It also works great for your birth partner or doula to use on your skin to apply light tickly sensation to your arms and back between contractions. This will help raise your endorphins, your body's natural pain relief drug!  
AND just incase you need the links to a great birth ball, and peanut balls you can find those here as well: 
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