Overnight Newborn Care

  • Meet your Doula!

    Student Midwife, Traditional Birth Doula/Birthkeeper 2005/Current, DONA training 2006, ProDoula Certified Labor Doula, Lifespan Doulas Certified Postpartum Doula

    My name is Tricia Mazza, I am a mother of 3 residing in southern Wisconsin. My journey as a doula started shortly after my first daughter was born, about 18 years ago.
    As a mother with 2 successful out of hospital VBACs I know how important birthing options are to each mother. My goal is to empower mothers and birthing parents to have the birth of their dreams, through educational resources and support.

  • Pro Doula Certified Labor Doula

    I am dedicated to providing top quality care by continuously educating myself through various birth and postpartum classes and continuing education opportunities.

  • Lifespan Doulas Certified Postpartum Doula